Regardless of your fitness level, Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at the Defensive Arts Training Centre will give you the foundation for one of the best defensive martial arts you can learn. With a heavy focus on ground fighting, submission holds and grappling, you’ll learn to defend yourself against the toughest opponents and aggressors. Best of all, with each new jiu-jitsu class, you’ll notice your self-confidence and self-esteem improve. All the while, your body is transformed into the best shape ever, with a rigorous workout that puts every one of your muscles to the test!

Here’s just a taste of all that you can look forward to when you take jiu-jitsu with Gerry DiSanto at the Defensive Arts Training Centre:


  • Jiu-jitsu will give you razor sharp reflexes and lightning fast speed
  • You’ll develop an amazing body with muscle tone that will have you turning heads
  • You’ll experience amazing mental clarity and unwavering focus
  • Your respiratory endurance will spike and you’ll enjoy improved strength and stamina
  • You’ll have the flexibility and balance of an Olympic gymnast
  • You’ll enjoy a huge drop in stress levels
  • Expert instructors trained and certified by legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu masters
  • You’ll be able to easily maintain your ideal weight